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of The Manchester Chambers

Adhere to my rules and obey me or you will suffer systematic subjugation, punishment and humiliation!


Manchester-based nurse, strict auntie, teacher, governess, nanny and mummy role-play. An expert in corporal punishment and domestic discipline.  My name is Mistress Nadia I am an experienced professional English Dominatrix located in Manchester. MY sessions take place in a fantastic,  discreet dungeon with five fantastically well-equipped chambers.


I am naturally dominant and have a dark, sadistic nature. Even from a very young age, I mastered how to control the boys around me to get what I want. I have always had an interest in Domination and enjoyed exploring fetishes with the support and encouragement of my mother.


I am very strict though fair Mistress. I am  Dominatrix driven by my boundless imagination and sadistic instincts. I love to stretch your boundaries both physically and psychologically, making you endure more for me.


I will pull you out of your reality into my world of complete obedience where any infraction is dealt with using my feminine cruelty and discipline. I will immerse you and exploit your fetishes to get exactly what I want from you.



Femdom doesn’t involve any sexual acts between my slave and me - so do not ask!


Much experienced, strict Manchester Mistress