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of The Manchester Chambers

Adhere to my rules and obey me or you will suffer systematic subjugation, punishment and humiliation!

A little about your Mistress...


I am familiar in dealing with many different types of submissive fantasy. I started out doing the thigh boots and torture stuff but after a while, I graduated towards the domestic side of things, and that's where I seem to have settled. I love humiliating and laughing at naughty subs. I have a wicked sense of humour, and although I can be very stern-faced and strict, I like to be amused by pathetic wimps.
















I have a passion for domination, and as much as I adore handing out punishments in a strict, sadistic manner, I also enjoy the sensual side of pushing limits. When you enter my world, you will never want to leave it and when you finally do, I know I will see you again!


Maybe you long to be dressed up in wigs makeup and nails and slutty or pretty dresses and become my little sissy sluts, Mistresses wardrobe grows by the day as this is something I get much pleasure from.


If you wish to learn more about serving Mistress have a good look through my website and of course the ManchesterChambers website.  I look forward to hearing about your kinky domination fetishes and how you wish to serve this true goddess and allow your limits to be stretched to the limit.











I would advise when booking a session to email or text as much of the details of things you wish to explore and things you don’t want to to explore along with past experiences etc.  This way I will be clear and our time and pleasures will be heightened.